What are the 2023 Festival Hours?

2023 Festival Hours are listed below:

Thursday Night Kick-Off Concert at the CPI Security West End Stage (intersection of Main St. and Augusta):

Thursday, October 12: 5PM to 10PM |  Ticket sales end at 9:15PM |  Alcohol sales end at 9:30PM

Regular Festival Hours

Friday, October 13: Noon to 10PM   |  Ticket sales end at 9:15PM  |   Alcohol sales end at 9:30PM

Saturday, October 14: 11AM to 9PM  |   Ticket Sales end 8:15PM  |   Alcohol Sales end at 8:30PM

Sunday, October 15: Noon to 7PM  |   Ticket Sales end 6:15PM  |   Alcohol Sales end at 6:30PM

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2. What are the 2023 Festival Hours?
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